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Having a workshop at home is great! Whether you are pursuing a creative hobby, saving money by doing DIY projects or need space for fixing your old car, keeping your workshop tidy is key to having a stress free and accident free environment.

Planning is key

Before you convert your garage or utility room into a workshop, you will have to plan out the space depending on what you want to achieve. Take some time to evaluate the space you have and how it could work for you.

Think about the tools you will need, how big they are and where they will be stored, as well as other storage and worktops. Flooring is also a big consideration as it needs to be easy to clean and maintain.

Install a pegboard

Without a doubt one of the most useful items to have in your workshop is a pegboard. These are great for storing an array of tools on to keep your workshop clean, tidy and organised. A pegboard is a piece of wood with a grid like array of holes drilled in it; by using hooks and other inserts you can hang just about any tool you have, they are cheap, easy to install and customisable.

Colour coding and labelling

Many people have a large amount of working materials that they need during a project such as screws, pins or different types of fabric, and it is important to keep these items organised. Compartment storage is ideal for small items that have a tendency to get misplaced, whereas racks and drawers are better for bulky items.

Once you have a storage solution for your items it is important to label them so that you know exactly what is in each one. Self-adhesive labels are great because you can write on what it is and stick it on the storage box, they are also easily removed if you need to change it too and provides a quick reference to aid productivity.

Regular clear outs

If you work with wood or fabric then you will inevitably be faced with scrap materials, and although there may be a need for some of it in the future there becomes a point where you will have to be a bit ruthless and get rid of it.

At least once a year it is a good idea to look through all of your scrap items and really decide if you need them or not. Be honest with yourself and get rid of what you don’t need. This doesn’t mean throwing them in the trash, if you have some useable items why not sell them at a boot fair or online; this will not only create more space and less clutter, but could also provide you with some money for other projects.

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