Just thought I would let you in to a secret and show you how I promote this guru blog through crowd funding and social media.

  1. The press release is very useful to the world where it creates public awareness about the brand behind the crowdfunding campaign, even if it is a personality or a company.
  2. One of the expensive ways to release a press release can be achieved through Newswire. Paid press release use one Newswire to get spread the news, but crowdfund buzz submits every press release to three newswires that increases the success of the crowdfunding campaign.
  3. Even the clients in top three service tiers of crowdfunding buzz is enjoying targeted press release distribution to most media outlets that covers the news that press release talks about.
  4. An efficient crowdfunding PR strategy must target specific communities, bloggers and journalists that appropriate to your campaign.
  5. First of all try to have a strong bonding with the journalist and bloggers through Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ and through various websites they use. Many people share everything about the product to a member in the media without having proper bonding with the journalists and bloggers. In order to build a bond with them retweet their tweets, like their posts, send email and respond to their questions. By doing you started to bond with them at some level which lets you the path for success.
  6. Explain the bloggers about your campaign and how it could benefit them. You can add a link to your campaigns through guest posts, where you will get popular with the links you get for crowdfunding campaigns.
  7. Create an attractive landing page and enable accessibility to your published press release as most of the influences will be curious about the publication where your project featured.

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