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Jardine Leisure

Jardine Leisure

Jardine cast aluminium is a British manufacturing facility generating wonderful garden chairs and tables with aluminium. They utilize their timeless Victorian furniture as well as a large range of powder covered colours in tandem with a choice of all climate cloths. They make a British feeling for all consumers, individuals, resorts, bars and also well-known restaurants.

They distribute all over the earth as well as their strong aluminium furniture has been placed in the leading end of the property profile. Jardine garden furniture will gladly stay outside in all possible weather condition extremes, from chilly, damp, hot, snowy or gusty conditions– it doesn’t matter, the aluminium will not degrade!

You will never be sorry for purchasing Jardine Furniture.

Jardine has fourty year’s experience of making furnishings for 3rd party developers as well as the contract market.


Collaborating with engineers and designers they make furniture for specific places.

Projects vary in size from one little collection for a client’s house balcony, to offering furnishings for all the outside locations in one of the world’s grandest estates. Each project they embark on is unique, furnishings can be matched to any type of finish and also all soft furnishings can be made with consumers very own material.


Jardine have worked with some terrific Hotels throughout the years, supplying furniture for outdoor eating as well as periodic seating locations that is durable, sturdy as well as requires no upkeep. The aluminium furnishings are especially proper for swimming pool environments, both indoors and also out, however additionally functions well in restaurants, sunrooms as well as orangeries.

For more information and also quotations on tasks of any dimension please call Jardine Leisure or email them.

Jardine Leisure have been creating fine top quality cast aluminium furnishings from their Lancashire factory since 1972. Their elements come from foundries where just the greatest grade aluminium alloys are used in the process of manufacture. Jardine is adept in final construction as well as finishing, thus being able to guarantee their exceptional high quality.

Aluminium is the best product for all-weather furniture. Metal yard furniture has actually been made use of in the English garden because the industrial transformation in the 18th century. Outdoor furniture were first made in cast ferrous alloys, but by the60s the enhancing accessibility of aluminium indicated that utilizing this more expensive material came to be viable.

When aluminium is appropriately treated it does not oxidise, it is far lighter compared to ferrous yard furniture, could be quickly moved but most importantly it needs no maintenance to maintain it looking excellent. This tredecim alloy can be cast or produced so there is a massive variety of designs that are readily available.

Jardine Leisure mainly are experts in reproducing timeless Victorian designs, initially produced between 1840 and 1910. They duplicate Coalbrookdale benches and also tables such as the Lilley of the Valley and Nasturtium bench and the Christopher Dresser table. They likewise reproduce garden furnishings, especially benches, from the famous French foundry Val d’Osne started by Jean Pierre Andre Victor in the 1830s.

All these faithful reproductions are strong, hefty and also of very high quality!

metal outdoor furniture

Why buy cast aluminum garden furniture?

Why buy cast aluminum garden furniture?

Did you ever buy inexpensive plastic garden furniture and see it blow away in the wind? You won’t have to worry about that with cast aluminum garden furniture. It is easy to lift and move, yet sturdy enough to remain on the patio floor. That said, prior to my explanation of what makes cast aluminum an ideal material for exterior furniture, let’s establish precisely what it is.

In short, cast aluminum is a type of metal that’s endured a casting process. It is produced when tactics like mold casting, die casting, or sand casting is used to temper the aluminum so that it can be used to make the elements that encompass a part of garden furniture. Cast aluminum is used for several household items, in addition to equipment and other products.

Outdoor furniture is created with cast aluminum, including the lineup sold by Outside Edge metal garden furniture. Cast aluminum garden furniture is substantially lighter and is easy to move around. Besides cast aluminum garden furniture and cookware, cast aluminum is also used to make motor parts for boats, cars, and other modes of transportation. Elements like pistons, connecting rods, radiator tanks, housings, and more important engine parts are produced with both mold casting and die casting tactics. Elements like gears and compressors can also be made with this type of aluminum.

For a while now, the design team have tried to maintain similar types of furniture, including teak garden tables, albeit unsuccessfully. With that, it was determined that the most optimal long-term answer was to use aluminum and other metals to make garden furniture because of all the qualities and benefits it brings. Aluminum metal garden furniture doesn’t rust, requires no maintenance, and won’t need to be replaced every few years, unlike furniture made with other metals. It can be left outside all year long, eliminating the need to carry it inside or cover them up during the winter seasons.

A decade earlier, we released a lineup after perfecting our furniture. Our intention was to locate the best quality aluminum garden patio furniture out there with a classic, yet stylish design. Hundreds of individual sets of furniture have been delivered all over the world since then.

Ultimately, we know our customers will fall in love with our furniture as another option to cast iron garden furniture since it won’t ever rust.

Wrought iron garden furniture has a traditional look that is sometimes created into more conventional, intricate, and ornate designs. Durable and heavy, iron can remain outdoors year-round – granted, it might flake if it’s painted as a result of rust. As such, some repainting and sanding might be needed at times. Aluminum can be made to look like iron furniture without the rust issues that come with it. It’s also easier to relocate to your storage facility or backyard due to its lightweight. That said, in comparison to heavy metal furniture, aluminum ones might warrant indoor storage in substantially windy weather.

Garden tables

While everyone is essentially in agreement that UK-based weather is far from predictable, a garden furniture set left outside without protection is suitable for England. When you purchase a big circular table from us, you’ll be acquiring a top-quality cast aluminum table that won’t need any upkeep, and look just as new down the road as it does when you purchase it. It’s not enough to just have any table – our variety of garden furniture sets come in all sizes and styles to accommodate various budgets. If you’re merely in search of several chairs to compliment an existing furniture set or table, we can show you some styles to pick from.

You can buy a metal stacking chair in verdigris, antique bronze, or white. Because it weighs only 8 kilos and is quite solid, it can be stored away for the winter in stacks effortlessly. If you require several cushions to match the chairs, our selection of high back cushions come in navy blue, stone, and apple green, which are suitable colors for chairs made of metal. Wrought iron garden furniture obviously isn’t for everyone, but we believe over time that people will begin to progress towards aluminum furniture. This is because it’s luxurious and simple to maintain. In the future, you can expect more UK-based garden furniture stores to sell them.

Iron garden furniture

There is plenty of chatter about how iron-made garden furniture can have a conventional look and that other materials are attempting to mimic this top of the line metal. This is just not true, though. A garden table can have a traditional look in a variety of individual materials. That said, several are harder to maintain than others. If you have the energy and time to take care of teak wood furniture, then you’re one of a few who are able to.





seo and site build

Website Support

Website Support

The face of E-commerce is undoubtedly changing, and profit margins are being squeezed to exhaustion as fierce competition increases, therefore keeping ahead is not only important but perhaps critical to survival in online business.

Smaller online companies employing less than six staff need to work harder within the online search arena, their fundamental needs are simple ‘be seen and survive’. Constant attention is required to the content and imagery of any website and time to keep this information fresh and relevant is undoubtedly essential.

By far the biggest player in the search engine field is Google with a staggering 77% market share, their algorithms are constantly fluid, and their secrets of  SEO compatibility are worth trillions of pounds. No wonder they play their card very close to their chest!

One area which has not change is Google friendliness towards websites which are updated upon a monthly, weekly or in the idea world daily. A neglected website is just like the dead fly in the shop window…The poor thing died of boredom!

Enhancement to directing attention to this area is hugely beneficial, and woebetide any company that ignores it!

Assistance to support the basic functionality of constant website updates can now be fore filled by an independent website maintenance houses, enhancing much needed time to create focus within this field. Many advantages arise from this:

Cost; substantial saving compared to the hiring of a new member of staff.

Time; the laborious procedure of filtering through numerous CVs, interviews and induction.

Reliability; eliminate the headaches of days off due to illness, holidays and days off due to transportation issues.

Return On Investment; maximising the efficiency of outlay by only paying for the hours used, you are not paying for lunch, cigarette or toilet brakes.

In conclusion, the future of website management and support is the third party!


Just thought I would let you in to a secret and show you how I promote this guru blog through crowd funding and social media.

  1. The press release is very useful to the world where it creates public awareness about the brand behind the crowdfunding campaign, even if it is a personality or a company.
  2. One of the expensive ways to release a press release can be achieved through Newswire. Paid press release use one Newswire to get spread the news, but crowdfund buzz submits every press release to three newswires that increases the success of the crowdfunding campaign.
  3. Even the clients in top three service tiers of crowdfunding buzz is enjoying targeted press release distribution to most media outlets that covers the news that press release talks about.
  4. An efficient crowdfunding PR strategy must target specific communities, bloggers and journalists that appropriate to your campaign.
  5. First of all try to have a strong bonding with the journalist and bloggers through Linkedin, Twitter and Google+ and through various websites they use. Many people share everything about the product to a member in the media without having proper bonding with the journalists and bloggers. In order to build a bond with them retweet their tweets, like their posts, send email and respond to their questions. By doing you started to bond with them at some level which lets you the path for success.
  6. Explain the bloggers about your campaign and how it could benefit them. You can add a link to your campaigns through guest posts, where you will get popular with the links you get for crowdfunding campaigns.
  7. Create an attractive landing page and enable accessibility to your published press release as most of the influences will be curious about the publication where your project featured.

Come back to this blog for more tips on how to market a website.

tools shop

How to Keep Your Workshop Clutter Free

Having a workshop at home is great! Whether you are pursuing a creative hobby, saving money by doing DIY projects or need space for fixing your old car, keeping your workshop tidy is key to having a stress free and accident free environment.

Planning is key

Before you convert your garage or utility room into a workshop, you will have to plan out the space depending on what you want to achieve. Take some time to evaluate the space you have and how it could work for you.

Think about the tools you will need, how big they are and where they will be stored, as well as other storage and worktops. Flooring is also a big consideration as it needs to be easy to clean and maintain.

Install a pegboard

Without a doubt one of the most useful items to have in your workshop is a pegboard. These are great for storing an array of tools on to keep your workshop clean, tidy and organised. A pegboard is a piece of wood with a grid like array of holes drilled in it; by using hooks and other inserts you can hang just about any tool you have, they are cheap, easy to install and customisable.

Colour coding and labelling

Many people have a large amount of working materials that they need during a project such as screws, pins or different types of fabric, and it is important to keep these items organised. Compartment storage is ideal for small items that have a tendency to get misplaced, whereas racks and drawers are better for bulky items.

Once you have a storage solution for your items it is important to label them so that you know exactly what is in each one. Self-adhesive labels are great because you can write on what it is and stick it on the storage box, they are also easily removed if you need to change it too and provides a quick reference to aid productivity.

Regular clear outs

If you work with wood or fabric then you will inevitably be faced with scrap materials, and although there may be a need for some of it in the future there becomes a point where you will have to be a bit ruthless and get rid of it.

At least once a year it is a good idea to look through all of your scrap items and really decide if you need them or not. Be honest with yourself and get rid of what you don’t need. This doesn’t mean throwing them in the trash, if you have some useable items why not sell them at a boot fair or online; this will not only create more space and less clutter, but could also provide you with some money for other projects.

Home Improvement Ideas That Don’t Bust Your Budget

homeimprovementWhat do you want to do with idle spaces or outdated features nesting in your home? You may want a more spacious kitchen, an additional bathroom, or a new water fountain in your garden to make it feel more relaxing.

Before anything else, how much are you willing to spend for the things you are planning to do? Do you have enough resources so that everything needed in the renovation can be purchased without hesitation? If you’re on a budget, there are many things you can do to get the improvement you need without fear of busting your budget.

Less Invasive & Less Expensive Approach

You can save on electricity by bringing in natural light. It doesn’t mean you’re smashing through the wall to construct a new window in the hallway. To capture the light, you can install a light tube that you can slip through the roof rafters into the hallway. This light tube is much cheaper than putting in another window.

Look for Recyclable Materials

This is very applicable if your renovation or DIY project; most builders refuse to work using second hand or salvaged materials because they don’t want to be liable for any insurance claims. If you’re doing it yourself, hit the recycle shops around your area and look for the things you need. A little repaint on a door, lighting fixture, Home-Improvementsoutdoor bench, or table can add wonders to your home improvement.

Consider Efficiency by Customizing

You can maximize use of your kitchen without moving the walls. Renovate and change by replacing shelves occupying larges spaces with pull-out drawers. There should be racks than can support serious weight, like groceries or canned goods.

Knock It Down Yourself

contractorDemolition may not be very expensive as reconstruction, but that’s the time when you can save hundreds as long as you do it carefully. It is easy to demolish a wall but the interior is another thing. It is dangerous because you might hit live electric wires around or pressured water pipes. Taking those things into consideration and with utmost care, you can save half of what you would pay for demolition.

Home improvement involves an undeniable fact that every little move adds up to cost; you may not notice that improving your home is already draining  your resources. Always focus on saving here and there, because you’re talking about your hard-earned money! Get your dream without getting bankrupt. Plan the design, materials and the job.

Plan Before You DIY


So you have a bought a pad and it’s ripe for renovation and your raring to go! STOP, THINK, PLAN.

Perhaps you are in a new relationship, just married or you have bought your next property to improve and sell on. You want to get stuck in and get the work started, but so many renovators start ripping up carpets, knocking down walls or buying expensive fixture and fittings that they don’t need. Look before you leap! You have to plan your project as in the long term this will save you time, money and effort!

For the purposes of this DIY article we will assume that our example renovation project is a total upgrade job, we are going to rip out the old and start with an empty shell and a flat bare garden.

Now, this may seem a bit nuts but we recommend that you make a list of the fixture and fittings that you will require for the project. Why? If you need say kitchen appliances, indoor tables and chairs, occasional furniture, sofas, mirrors, carpets and rugs, lighting, patio furniture, bathroom appliances and fittings, beds, linen, garden sheds, BBQ, patio slabs or decking, plants and shrubs, fencing etc., order in advance.

It pays to order ahead, not only to take advantage of the discounts available for  buying products out of season but also when you need that kitchen appliance, it has or it is just about to arrive.

Kitchen Appliances

kitchen ikea

It is advisable to design you kitchen first, but your kitchen must of course include a sink, a cooker, perhaps a hob, fridge freezer, dish washer, storage units and table/chairs (if you can fit them in). We have scoured the internet for the best deals, this DIY store has great deals for kitchen appliances, if you buy a kitchen from them. Also there are great deals for kitchen furniture from these guys.

Dining and Occasional Furniture

From dining tables and chairs to a hall chair and a console table, oak furniture is all the range. Remember that pine was everywhere, now it’s solid oak! Why? Well the big furniture retailers started shipping oak from the USA and Europe to China to take advantage of cheap labor, then the finished furniture was sent back – this Chinese furniture is at least half the price of oak products that are being made locally. Check out the two largest players here,  Oak Furniture Land and Oak Furniture Solutions.







Sofas or Settee

We think with a sofa you should make a statement, it will really help to sell the house if you are a property developer. Even if you are going to live in the house don’t buy a bad quality settee, obviously get a good price but make sure the sofa is properly sprung and the cover material is of high quality – then it will last. Here are 2 of the best that we have located for you, sofa.com and loaf.com.








If you place a mirror in the house carefully you can create amazing lighting effects. Also why not cover a whole wall with a mirror in a small room to give the impression of space – a great optical effect that works! Get cheap mirrors here and for bespoke mirrors click here.

Carpets & Rugs

Go for bland colors  with carpets, this becomes your plain canvas which furniture, etc will enhance. The statements are made with other pieces, not the carpet. Rugs of course can make a great statement. Don’t carpet the house in dark colors, the rooms will look smaller and rather depressing, remember dark colors absorb light, and you want to reflect light! Go for medium quality that look and feels luxuriant but is not too expensive., great carpets deals can be found here. For that ‘rug statement’ we we would go to IKEA, great design at great prices!










Obviously we use light to see in the dark – what a revelation! But there is a trick that a lot of developers and home owners miss, lighting can be effectively used to create atmosphere. You can use light to produce ambiance. For example, LED spotlights or down lighters are now very popular. So say you are lighting a bedroom, don’t put six 100w spotlights in the ceiling so people think they are in an airport! Put 2 x 40w lights above the bed space and 1 x 40w light by the door entrance – you now have ambiance.

Patio Furniture


Make an outdoor statement!  We say that it’s best to buy stylish garden furniture that doesn’t need excess care, and we are of the opinion that there a really only 3 types of backyard furniture that you should consider.

Wooden Furniture – now the general consensus is that wood crack in the winter and you have to keep oiling it , to protect it but also to keep the color. What a load of baloney! Cheap wood that has not been dried properly does quickly deteriorate, so you gotta buy decent wood. The best teak does last, it can be jet washed to get the color back, it will last outside, but it’s expensive. For the best, check out these guys at Gloster.

Rattan Furniture

Again it’s all about quality! Cheap flat rattan can be thin, it will crack in the sun pretty quickly and/or lose colour and fade. We would buy round rattan, the thicker the better.

Metal in The Backyard

If it’s metal you want for outside, it’s gotta be aluminium! It’s not going to rust and there is no maintenance. Don’t buy iron furniture, it’s so heavy and of course it will definitely rust. For small sets we would go to John Lewis and for more substantial aluminium sets these guys seem to have the best offers.

Our next article will be advice on the following: baths, showers, toilets, beds, sheds, outdoor cooking, driveways and patios, trees and garden plants.

Good luck with your property project!